Dedicated Dad Saves Disney Dreams: Drives 17 Hours Straight to Rescue Family’s Trip After Flight Cancellation

Today’s Good News is brought to you by The Shane Company   “Fine Jewelry Since 1929”

1.  No one hit the Powerball on Saturday, so you’ve still got a chance!  Last we checked, tonight’s jackpot was an estimated $900 MILLION.  Tomorrow’s Mega Millions is up there too, $640 million.


2.  I wonder if this lady will press her luck and buy in again:  A woman in Missouri recently got scared when two bolts of lightning hit right next to her car.  So she pulled into a gas station, bought a Powerball ticket, and won 50 grand.

(It was for the July 1st drawing.  She matched four of five numbers, and the Powerball.  Yeah, $50,000 is all you win for that.)


3.  A six-year-old kid in South Carolina saved his little brother’s life this month.  His name is Atticus Whitlock.  He was swimming in his grandparents’ pool when his two-year-old brother Anson fell in and no one realized.

Atticus saw him at the bottom of the pool . . . swam down and pulled him up . . . and he’s okay.  Their mom says she and her husband were both out there watching them, but looked away for just a second.  That’s how fast it can happen.


4.  Father of the Year?  A family in New Jersey almost had their big trip to Disney World ruined when their flight got canceled last second.

They would have had to wait two full days for another flight.  But the dad . . . who couldn’t go because of work . . . picked them up at the airport and announced, “I’m DRIVING you there.”

He drove 17 hours straight to get them to Orlando.  Then he napped . . . turned around and drove back . . . and only missed one day of work.  (Here’s a photo.)