17 Year Old Graduates From College With A Doctorate!

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1.  Three different graduation stories are trending:  A set of quintuplets graduated together at Montclair State in New Jersey . . . an 83-year-old woman named Marie Fowler just became Howard University’s oldest graduate ever . . . and a girl at Arizona State earned her doctorate at age 17.  She started college at 10.  (She’s 18 now.)








2.  An Australian doctor named Richard Scolyer announced he’s still cancer-free almost a year after he was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer that’s considered terminal.

He’s one of the leading experts on skin cancer, and used an immunotherapy treatment that he helped pioneer for melanoma.  Experts say it’s too early to tell, but it would be huge news if it also works for the type of brain cancer he has.



3.  King Charles is giving a 31-year-old woman named Georgia Laurie a special award for saving her twin sister from a crocodile in 2021.

It was in the news, and you might remember it:  They were on vacation in Mexico when a crocodile grabbed her sister Melissa and pulled her down.  But it let go after Georgia jumped in and PUNCHED it.

She’s getting the King’s Gallantry Medal.  It’s given to people who show extraordinary acts of bravery.