16-Year-Old Just Graduated From College With Degree In Computer Science! (And More Good News)

1.  A guy from England raised money for charity by climbing the three tallest mountains in the U.K. . . . with a refrigerator on his back.


2.  In backward foot news:  A 32-year-old woman in New Mexico now owns the world record for largest foot rotation.  She can spin her foot 171 degrees, so it’s almost completely backwards.  (Here’s a photo.)

And after a guy in England was diagnosed with bone cancer, doctors had to amputate his lower leg to save his life.  But they were able to reattach his foot backwards and use it like a knee.  So with a prosthetic, he can still walk.


3.  Youngstown State in Ohio helped students de-stress during finals week by bringing in puppies to cuddle.  They called it “Puppy Palooza“.


4.  A kid at the University of Pittsburgh just graduated from college at age 16.  He was reading by age three . . . doing algebra a few years later . . . got his associate’s degree at 13 . . . and just got his bachelor’s in computer science.