A 9-Year-Old Cat Has Been In An Animal Shelter Since He Was A Kitten And He FINALLY Found His Forever Home!

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1.  A cop near Detroit . . . who happens to be named Brenden Fraser . . . saved an 18-month-old kid’s life last Tuesday.  And his dashcam got it on video.

He pulled a car over for doing 80 miles an hour in a 45.  It turned out the kid’s mom and uncle were rushing him to a hospital a half-mile away.  They were both panicked, and even tried to stop him from helping so they could get to the E.R.

But Brenden smacked the kid in the back a few times and got him breathing again.  He’s expected to be okay.


2.  A military dad in Ohio surprised his son on his first day back at school last month.  The son’s name is Eli, and he just started second grade.  His dad had been on a year-long deployment.

Eli’s teacher told the class they had a special visitor, and his dad walked in dressed as the school’s tiger mascot.  When he removed the head, Eli immediately lunged at him and gave him a big hug.  (Here’s the video.)


3.  A nine-year-old cat named Barney finally just got adopted from a shelter in Iowa after spending his whole life waiting for a forever home.  They’d had him since he was a kitten, and he loves people.  He just somehow never got picked.

Reddit got involved last month after someone posted a photo.  Then a TON of people reached out to adopt him.  The shelter ended up choosing a woman who was willing to drive all the way from Missouri to pick him up.

(Here’s the photo that went viral on Reddit.)