Weezer’s Rivers Would Like to Hear Pinkerton “OK Human Style”

Weezer’s cult classic Pinkerton turns 25 this year, and Rivers Cuomo says he’d be interested in hearing those songs done like those on OK Human.

The band’s new album doesn’t feature any electric guitars and an orchestra on many tracks. Cuomo tells Zane Lowe that the Pinkerton contains “the most complex songs and they’re the most emotional songs. And yet, the way we recorded is so raw, four-piece rock noise. I’d be really interested to hear that with an orchestra.”

While Pinkerton was considered a flop after its release, it’s arguably Weezer’s most influential album and Cuomo says it’s still his favorite. He adds, “I love the sound of my voice [on it]. It’s very low in the mix. I’d love to hear a remix of the vocal louder, but there’s just so much pain and vulnerability in my voice.”