Today’s Good News!

1.  How selfless is this?  A Ukrainian millionaire saw on his security camera that the Russian military was using his mansion as a base, and firing missiles from it.  So he gave the coordinates to Ukraine’s military and told them to BOMB it.  (Here’s an interview he did with “Good Morning Britain”.)



2.  There’s a video making the rounds of a guy hopping out of his car in D.C. last Thursday to give his umbrella to a woman pushing a baby stroller.  The driver behind him at a red light got it on their dash-cam.



3.  Here’s some good news for National Park Week:  A new report found that last year, America’s parks had a big rebound from the pandemic.  They had about 91% as many visitors as they had before covid hit.



4.  A bunch of second-graders in Virginia recently helped get dogs adopted by drawing pictures of them to hang up outside their kennels.  They also wrote things like, “Hi, my name is Cody . . . please be my owner!”