Every year since 1997, Portland’s finest freaks have pulled their home-built creations to the top of Mount Tabor and let gravity guide them to the bottom of the hill.

The Portland Adult Soapbox Derby continues to be a beloved summertime tradition at Mt. Tabor Park—a community event that draws crowds of 7,000-10,000 people to watch a colorful and sidesplitting spectacle of 40+ coaster cars powered only by gravity, whimsy, and attitude. Camaraderie abounds as some teams focus on speed and engineering (Science!).  Some on crowd pleasing or simply shit talk (Art!) and still others find a  place in between.

The teams race down the course three times before the championship rounds.  Winners receive awards for speed, engineering, art and other categories at the end of the day.  The competition makes for an exciting day enjoyed by spectators of all ages who are invited to get comfortable and enjoy the race at no admission cost.

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