Thanks To This, You Might See More Ice Cream Trucks This Summer! (And More Good News)

Today’s Good News is brought to you by The Shane Company   “Fine Jewelry Since 1929”


1.  Jiffy Lube wants to make sure you can get your ice cream fix this summer by keeping ice cream trucks on the road.  They’re offering $150 vouchers for free maintenance to all ice cream truck owners in the U.S.  (Here’s a video.)





2.  People are calling this the smartest cow in the world:  A cow in Nebraska named Ghost just set a world record by doing 10 tricks in under a minute.  Things like stay, come, spin, bow, kiss, and answering “yes” with a head nod.  She can also fist bump.  (Here’s a video.  The tricks start at :34.)




3.  Firefighters in Florida saved a horse that decided to jump into an above-ground swimming pool last week.  It got onto its owners’ deck, jumped in, and couldn’t get back out.  They had to use a piece of heavy machinery to hoist it up.  Thankfully, the horse wasn’t hurt.  (Here’s a video.)