Is It A Seagull OR Is It A Kid?  9-Year-Old Boy Wins Seagull Impression Contest


1.  A Girl Scout in Pennsylvania named Chloe Brit organized a prom dress giveaway on Sunday and collected over 150 dresses, plus shoes.  She’s only in fifth grade but decided to do it after she found out a girl she knew couldn’t afford a dress.  A seamstress volunteered and did free alterations.

2.  People on Reddit are praising a teenager who refused to drive his friends somewhere until they all put on their seatbelts.  He posted the story on the subreddit, “Am I the [A-Hole]”.  He asked if he did the right thing and got a resounding YES.

3.  “Horizontally recycled” diapers are now a thing.  That means old diapers get turned into new diapers you can use again.  They separate the materials and sterilize them, obviously.  And it’s a lot better for the environment. A company in Japan just became the first in the world to start doing it.  Their new recycled diapers hit store shelves in Japan this past Saturday.

4. There’s an annual contest in Belgium where people try to do the best seagull impression .  A nine-year-old British kid named Cooper Wallace is trending after he won the under-18 group with a near-perfect score.  He was also dressed in a seagull costume.  Here he is.