Man Adopts Special Needs Dog, Alva, Overcoming Challenges to Build a Loving Friendship

1.  Firefighters in Minnesota crawled out onto a frozen lake to save a deer that fell through the ice.  It was a pretty big buck.  In the video, it looks like one of its hooves poked through, and then it couldn’t pull it back out.  So it just laid down.

The firefighters tied ropes to themselves in case they fell through, but luckily they didn’t.  They managed to save the deer, and it ran off into the woods.


2.  A guy in Pittsburgh was playing poker at a casino on Tuesday and suffered the worst beat you’ll ever see.  He had four aces and lost to a royal flush.  But then he ended up winning big anyway.

The casino has something called a “Bad Beat Jackpot”, where everyone at the table wins money.  It was sitting at over $900,000 when it happened, and he got 40% of that . . . over 350 GRAND.  The guy with the royal flush got 30%, or $270,000.  The other three people at the table split the rest, about $45,000 each.


3.  A guy in Austin, Texas named Joe Rotunda recently lost his dog Fred after 13 years, and decided it was time to adopt again.  And he went way above and beyond for a dog no one else wanted.

Her name is Alva.  She has something called wobbler syndrome that makes it hard to walk.  And because of it, she was really defensive and didn’t like people.  But Joe won her over by visiting her every day for two months.

She eventually started to trust him, and he took her in.  He officially adopted her in September, and she’s doing great.  She’s quickly become best friends with another dog he has named Max.  (Here’s a photo.)