Teen Swimmers Turn Heroes on Vacation: Rescue Drowning Man in Barbados

1.  A man who runs an Instagram page called BikingDC posted a video last month of a hardworking delivery guy who didn’t let a broken foot stop him from delivering food on his bike.  (Here’s the video.)

He was strapping a walker to the handlebars to help him get around, and said it was tough but he had “bills to pay.”  So the Instagram guy’s followers banded together, and ended up sending him $2,400 on Cash App.

The Instagram guy posted a follow-up video where they meet up again, and the guy insists on buying him lunch to say thanks.

(Here’s the follow-up.  “The Washington Post” did a story about it this week.)


2.  Two girls from Montreal . . . 13-year-old Zoe and 14-year-old Emma . . . are both strong swimmers.  Emma hopes to make the Olympics someday.  And they were in the right place at the right time last week to save a man from drowning.

They were on vacation together in Barbados and could see a guy 150 feet from shore struggling to stay afloat.  So they swam out on a boogie board and gave it to him, then managed to pull him the whole way back to the beach.


3.  The Guinness Book of World Records announced a woman from Utah named Dwan Jacobsen Young is officially the world’s oldest woman to go waterskiing.  She’s 92 years old and still at it.  (Here’s a video.  The record for men is 93.)