New study shows detectable amount of microplastics in Oregon waterways

A new report by Environment Oregon is showing microplastics prevalent in Oregon waterways. Microplastics are any tiny piece of plastic smaller than a grain of rice with microfibers, shed from washing clothing with synthetic fibers, the most common type the group found.  The environmental group tested over two dozen lakes and rivers across the state and found a detectable amount of microplastics in all of them. Installing a filter on washing machines could reduce the amount of microfibers that are released in the atmosphere and the group is asking Oregon lawmakers to require them be installed on all machines sold in the state. But the group also points out that consumers can help reduce their use of plastics as a way to reduce microfibers in the waterways by buying clothes made of all-natural material and reusing plastic containers or bags. Or switch to non-plastic reusables. 

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