Monday’s Good News!

Be sure to click on the words and phrases that are bold and underlined to see pictures and videos from each story!

1.  A baby stopped breathing on a Spirit Airlines flight last Thursday . . . but thankfully a nurse named Tamara Panzino sprang into action.  She was able to get the baby to breathe again, and the passengers gave her a standing ovation.

It’s unclear what happened . . . but the nurse gave the baby oxygen, did chest compressions, and massaged the baby’s legs and chest.  And it worked.

Tamara later said, “When you have to step forward and do what’s right, you do it.  It was just a happy story, and it made me feel really good.”  (Here’s video from a passenger, a TV meteorologist.  Here’s Tamara talking about it.)


2.  In recent weeks, a second grade teacher in Kentucky is trying to bring his community joy by creating epic murals . . . using different color POST-ITS.


3.  Princeton University has announced a new financial aid program:  It’s now FREE for students whose parents earn less than $100,000 per year.  According to the school, over 25% of their undergraduates, or 1,500 students, will now receive aid that covers the full cost of tuition and room and board.