Monday’s Good News!

1.  Do you ever get a ringing in your ears?  Researchers in New Zealand came up with a new smartphone therapy that can get rid of chronic tinnitus in three months.  They’re waiting on FDA approval and say an app could be available in six months.


2.  Teens in Chicago used donated cereal boxes to set a world record and pay tribute to Ukraine.  Kellogg’s donated 5,000 cereal boxes . . . yellow Corn Pops and blue Rice Krispie boxes.  They laid them out to create the Ukrainian flag.


3.  A family of four was rescued after getting lost for 48 hours in the Australian outback with no cell service.  They got lost . . . and then stuck . . . because Google Maps told them to turn down a dirt road, and they didn’t question it.


4.  An 87-year-old Florida woman’s chihuahua named Goofuss went missing in South Carolina last month when he ran off into the woods after a car crash.  No one could find him, so his owner eventually had to give up and go back to Florida.

But then someone who’d seen a Facebook post about it got in touch more than two weeks later after Goffuss showed up at their friend’s house.  Someone drove him hundreds of miles to Florida the next day, and he’s back home now.