Billie Eilish:  “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

It is hard to believe, while listening to Billie’s music, that she just turned 18!   Her vocals have almost a classic jazz feeling to them and I love the spooky under tones  of her music. Billie Eilish will be on the music scene for a very long time.


The Raconteurs:  “Help Us Stranger”

The Raconteurs aren’t trying to reinvent rock’n’roll, but they are having an absolute blast and that’s why this album is so much fun to listen to.   It’s my go-to road trip album.


The Black Keys: “Let’s Rock”

Straight ahead blues-rock at it’s finest!   The Black Keys are outstanding in their live shows and this album captures all of that excitement for me.


Vampire Weekend:  “Father of The Bride”

I first became aware of the band when I heard them in an interview on NPR several years ago  and when the host played just a few short clips of their music, I was instantly hooked. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them live several times and these guys aren’t just phoning it in.  They are serious musicians that like to have fun. I didn’t instantly love every track on this album; it does sound different than their previous work, but after a few plays, I changed my mind.   “Father” is now one of my favorite Vampire Weekend albums.


Cage The Elephant:  “Social Cues”

This album didn’t get a ton of love from critics.  But I don’t care. I’m a fan and I love CTE. I don’t need every album from a favorite band to blaze new territory.  If you’ve only heard the single, “Social Cues”, give the entire album a listen…I think you’ll like it.