Miraculous Rescue: 40 Good Samaritans Lift Bus to Save Teen Trapped After Bus Stop Stumble!

Today’s Good News is brought to you by The Shane Company   “Fine Jewelry Since 1929”

1.  A guy in Maryland tried to buy a specific type of lottery ticket called Cash4Life.  But the cashier was new and accidentally sold him the wrong type.  But it ended up hitting for $580,000.


2.  An 18-year-old guy in Germany tripped while running to catch a bus, and ended up getting pinned under one of the wheels.  But 40 people lifted the bus off of him, and he’s okay.  It sounds like he only ended up with a broken arm.  (Here’s a video.)



3.  Someone on Long Island realized a kitten was stuck 30 feet down a drain.  But he’s okay after cops worked with an animal rescue group to move a 5,000-pound concrete slab to get to him.  (Here are photos.)