Man Walks Across America To Raise Money for Homeless Veterans (And More Good News)

1.  Last year, a 24-year-old named Tommy Pasquale started walking across America to raise money for the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.

Tommy left New Jersey in September, and hoped to make it to Venice Beach, California by April.  But he arrived more than a month ahead of schedule . . . walking nearly 3,000 miles in 143 days . . . and he raised nearly $100,000.  (Here’s a news report on Tommy’s arrival earlier this month.)


2.  A sheriff’s office in Kentucky has a “brave and honest toddler” to thank for helping them find a fugitive wanted on drug charges.  They arrived at a home on Friday to serve a warrant . . . but none of the adults inside would say whether or not the wanted woman was in the house.

That’s when a toddler stood up, and said, “It is good to be honest.  We shouldn’t lie.”  The boy told the cops the woman was in the bathroom.


3.  A woman in Wisconsin earned a Guinness World Record when a team of volunteers counted her collection of four-leaf clovers at 118,791.

Her name is Gabriella Gerhardt, and she already holds the records for largest number of four-leaf clovers collected in eight hours, 887 . . . and most four-leaf clovers collected in one hour, 451.


4.  Update:  Heinz has found Elvis Francois . . . the man who survived nearly a month at sea by eating nothing but ketchup and seasonings.

On Monday, they said that they found him in Dominica . . . thanks to the internet and local reporters.  (Here’s a video of Elvis.)