Man Makes Promise To Grandmother On Her Deathbed To Lose Weight And Ends Up Losing 360 Pounds!

1.  An 81-year-old guy got his car stuck in a snowbank in eastern California, and was stranded for six days.  But he survived on some croissants and candy he had with him . . . and credits his success to being a big fan of the show “Survivor”.


2.  Before a woman in Mississippi passed away in 2019, she made her grandson promise to lose weight.  He was 649 POUNDS at that point, but kept his promise.  He’s now lost over 360 pounds, and didn’t even have gastric bypass.  (Here are some before-and-after photos.  People are donating on GoFundMe to help him get skin removal surgery.)


3.  A nurse in Indiana named Katrina Mullen recently adopted a teen mom and her three triplets, who were born premature.  She’d already taken them in, but the adoption made sure they didn’t end up in foster care.  (Here are some photos.)


4.  An elementary school in Arkansas recently let kids come to school dressed as their favorite super hero.  And an eight-year-old named Caroline Carlson showed up dressed as her teacher.  (Here’s a photo.)