Lana Del Rey Teases NEW Album

Lana Del Rey seems to be messing with us again.

She’s tweeted that her new album, Blue Bannisters, will be out on Fourth of July. Thing is, she already announced an album titled Rock Candy Sweet for June 1st. So what gives?

Lana supplied no other info in her tweet, but someone tweeted what could be an unofficial “leaked tracklist” for Blue Bannisters that includes “Rock Candy Sweet” as one of its songs. So it appears to be the same album. Other tidbits that can be gleaned from the tracklist, if it’s legit:

  • The album kicks off with a cut titled “God Bless America II [Two].”
  • Cut three, “Question for the Culture…”, features rapper and singer Azalea Banks.
  • “Rock Candy Sweet” is cut number nine.
  • Cut number 10 is only referred to as “John Mayer cover,” but has no specific title.