Kerns Buckman Community Collection Event

There are a number of Earth Month clean ups going on around the area. On Saturday, April 20th I’ll be at the Kerns Buckman Community Collection Event at Hinson Baptist Church on SE 20th and Salmon. Volunteers will be accepting bulky household waste like furniture, small appliances – think coffee makers and vacuum cleaners – and tires. You can also bring by your computers, TVs, printers and other electronics. What they can’t accept are things like large appliances, hazardous waste or construction debris.  The event is from 9am to noon and they’re asking for a $15-40 donation, depending on the load, but if you bring it by on a bike, it’s free. Money raised goes towards the cost of the event and for other neighborhood events. They’re also looking for more volunteers.


Kerns Buckman Community Collection Event



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