Inside or outside, air-drying clothes has many benefits

Want to save money, energy and make your clothes last longer? Let me introduce you to your grandmother’s secret – line drying clothes. Air-drying clothes is pretty inexpensive and if you don’t have an outdoor space, there are different drying racks for indoor spaces. Here in Portland, I’m able to line dry outside April through November, and at 3-5 loads a week, that’s a decent savings on our utility bill. Bult it’s not just the savings. I LOVE how fresh my clothes feel and smell. You can literally smell the sunshine. Line drying is also more gentle on clothing. Tossing and tumbling can cause wear and tear on clothing, not to mention the excessive high heat on some dryers that can damage clothes. Now’s a good time to find a spot in your yard or balcony to set up a clothesline.

Top 10 benefits to line-drying clothes