Friday’s Good News!


1.  Nintendo is helping bring more video game consoles to kids in the hospital.


2.  “The New Yorker” just did a big profile on two women in Alabama who managed to convince almost EVERYONE in their small town to get the vaccine.  Only 35% of Alabama is fully vaccinated.  But in their tiny town of 400 people, it’s 94%.


3.  An 81-year-old guy in New Hampshire was in the news after he got kicked off some land where he’d been living like a hermit for 27 years.  But he’s okay with it now, and says it might turn out to be a good thing.

He says he feels love in his heart for the first time ever, possibly from all the support he’s gotten.  And, quote, “Maybe the things I’ve been trying to avoid are the things that I really need in life.”


4.  Tamyra Mensah-Stock became the first Black woman to win a wrestling gold in the Olympics this month.  Some people don’t know this, but a gold medal also comes with a $37,000 cash prize.  And she was planning to give almost ALL of it to her mom.

The mom runs a food truck business . . . a big barbecue pit that she tows around to events.  And Tamyra was going to spend $30,000 of that prize money to help her upgrade it.  But then the owner of a custom food truck business in San Antonio called Cruising Kitchens heard about it.  And now they’re building her a truck for FREE.