Friday’s Feel Good Stories!

Here are some of the positive headlines making the rounds this morning:

(Be sure to click on the highlighted words and phrases to check out videos and pictures from the stories)

1.  Three months ago, a police officer named Jon Holt was named the Top Cop in eastern Virginia.  And then earlier this month, he lived up to the title . . . by lifting a car off a woman who got pinned in a wreck.

The car flipped during the crash, and she was conscious.  But her HEAD was pinned by the sunroof, and she couldn’t breathe.  Jon was the first on scene, and decided there wasn’t enough time to wait.  So he used all his strength . . . managed to move the car just enough to get her out . . . and his chest-cam got it on video.  (Here’s the footage.)

2.  Here’s a Mother’s Day follow-up:  Two brothers did a video chat with their mom on Mother’s Day, and she was surprised they were together, because they don’t live together.  But then they held up her OWN DOG in the video . . . and she realized it was a surprise visit.  They were calling from her backyard.

3.  If you haven’t seen this video yet, it’s pretty great.  A couple in Pennsylvania who’ve been married 73 years recently got to see each other for the first time since early in the pandemic.  He’s 96.  She’s 97.  She had to move into a long-term care facility last year after a stay in the hospital.  So they hadn’t seen each other in about 11 months.

4.  A six-year-old in California told Make-A-Wish that he wanted to be a UPS driver for a day.  So they made it happen, and even got him his own tiny UPS truck.