Ed Sheeran: Will Work For Food

Ed Sheeran filled his belly instead of his wallet by playing a private gig for celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

The food world’s toughest guy showed his tender side by reaching out to ask the “Bad Habits” singer to play an 18th birthday party for his daughter Tilly, and Ed agreed — on one condition. Sheeran told a U.S. radio station, “I don’t like people saying, ‘Hey here is a chunk of money, come and play two songs at this,’ whether it be a wedding or whatever. He emailed me and said, ‘What would the fee be? And I said, ‘You know what? Why I don’t trade your skill for my skill. You come around and give me a cooking lesson and I’ll play your daughter’s 18th.’”

Ramsay agreed to Ed’s terms and swung by his mansion. As Ed recalls, “He came around and taught me and my wife how to cook beef wellington and apple tarte tatin. It was a posh apple pie and it was really nice.” (Sun)