Double Celebration: New Jersey Twins Born in Different Years

Today’s Good News is brought to you by The Shane Company   “Fine Jewelry Since 1929”


1.  Two twin boys in New Jersey were born in different years this week.  Their mom’s went into labor on  New Year’s Eve, and the first one was born at 11:48 P.M.  Then the second baby came 40 minutes later at 12:28 A.M.

Their names are Ezra and Ezekial.  December 31st also happens to be their dad’s birthday.  So he shares a birthday with Ezra, but not Ezekial.  (Here’s a photo.  Ezekial is on the left, and Ezra is on the right.)


2.  A little white dog in Oklahoma got attacked by two coyotes, and a CAT saved his life.  The dog’s name is Oakley.  They attacked him in his owners’ backyard and pinned him down, but the family’s black cat Binx ran in and chased them off.

It happened in late November, and Oakley ended up needing stitches.  The vet originally thought he might lose a leg too, but that didn’t happen.  He’s fully recovered now, and Binx wasn’t injured.  (Here’s Oakley, and here’s Binx.)


3.  Last month, someone near Fort Myers, Florida found a pet pigeon that went missing 15 months ago during Hurricane Ian.

He was outside a hair salon, and they could tell he wasn’t a wild animal.  They found a bracelet on his ankle with a phone number on it, and got him back to his owners just in time for Christmas.