Costco Employee’s Honesty Rewarded: Fresno Worker Returns $4,000 Envelope, Secures Employee of the Month Title

1.  A very honest Costco employee near Fresno, California found an envelope with $4,000 in it, and returned it.  He says he was just hoping it might earn him Employee of the Month, and it did.

2.  Back in 1994, a pilot for Southwest named Ruben Flowers took a photo in the cockpit with his young son in the co-pilot’s seat.  Now almost 30 years later, they got to recreate that photo.  His son is a Southwest pilot too now, and got to sit shotgun on his dad’s very last flight before he retired.  (Here’s the original photo, and the new one.)

3.  A 79-year-old guy with dementia recently got scammed out of his entire life savings in Australia.  Someone tricked him into giving them his bank info and stole almost half-a-million bucks.

But the good news is his bank made it right.  They decided they should have caught it before his account got drained, and reimbursed him for all of it.