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TMI With Corey & Mitch

Episode 14

In this week’s episode, Corey & Mitch talk about day-drinking, teppanyaki, and a very sexy cure for…

Episode 13

In this episode:  taxes, strippers, and robots

Episode 12

Would you eat something called “Kranch”?  Plus, what is Mitch’s big secret??

Episode 11

In this episode:  periods,  Powerball, and Pele!  

Why Was Mitch In The Emergency Room?

Mitch finally got to ride in an ambulance with the siren on and lights flashing…what on earth…

Episode 9: Secrets From The Urinal

Would you eat something really, really disgusting if you knew it would boost your immune system? Why…

Episode 8: How Much Does It Cost To Have An Affair?

Hipsters, TV Reboots, and Dirty Rotten Cheaters

Episode 7: We Really, Really Like Food

What are our go-to carb loaded comfort food faves?  Glad you asked!

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