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TMI With Corey & Mitch

Episode 24

Corey & Mitch saw something in a Portland restaurant and bar that has Mitch’s OCD in overdrive!

Episode 23

Why did Corey have such a difficult week? There are too many people to have fun at…

Episode 22

In this week’s episode we discuss what we miss about “old” Portland…what’s not so great about “new”…

Episode 20

In this episode, Corey & Mitch find out what happens at Renaissance Festivals after dark!  Plus, what…

Episode 19

Corey claims this is the dumbest thing she has EVER done…she may be correct!  

Episode 18

In this episode:  Restaurants that you wish would come back,   what’s the fattest thing you’ve done,  do…

Episode 17

Do you have any peculiar eating habits?   We found a guy that peels the breading off of…

Episode 16

Guilty purchases, why is Facebook fat-shaming us, and when is the last time you saw yourself naked?

Episode 15

In this week’s episode, Corey & Mitch chat about alcohol mash-ups,  bunnies,  bunnies,  everywhere, and forest baths

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