Buy Nothing is a community building gift economy

Buy Nothing groups are not new, they’ve been around since 2013 when two friends wanted to experiment with a hyper-local gift economy. Buy Nothing groups can now be found in 44 countries. The idea is pretty simple: Post anything you’d like to giveaway or share with neighbors from an actual item to a skill. You can also ask to have or borrow a thing. There are no strings attached and items are given freely with no expectations for a gift in return because there’s no bartering and no money changes hands. It’s redistributing items within your neighborhood. I’ve been on my Buy Nothing Group for a few years and the benefits are many. I’ve been able to get rid of items that no longer served my family, from clothing and shoes, to toys and books, even plants from my garden. In return, I’ve received similar items and made new friends. Buy Nothing groups are great for the environment and community building.

Buy Nothing Project starts a global movement

Buy Nothing Project