Brave Stray Dog’s Daring Journey: Escapes Animal Shelter, Crosses Highway, and Finds Comfortable Haven in Nursing Home

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1.  This is like the opposite of a cat in a tree:  Firefighters in Wisconsin recently rescued a pigeon from a sewer.  It’s not clear how it got in there.  They lifted a grate, and it flew off.


2.  A news station in San Antonio did a big profile on a 93-year-old woman who makes dog beds out of leftover fabric, and hands them out to animal shelters.  Her name is Joan Potters.  She says it makes her happy to know a random dog somewhere will be a little more comfortable.


3.  And speaking of dogs:  “The Detroit Free Press” just did a story on a dog in northern Michigan that kept escaping from a shelter . . . and breaking into a retirement home.  He did it THREE times!  So the retirement home adopted him.

His name is Scout and residents love him, because having a dog around makes it feel like they’re back home again.

Earlier this year, staff held a fundraiser for the shelter to thank them for accidentally giving their residents a comfort dog.  (Here’s a photo.)