When searching for an inspirational speaker, maybe skip the Teen Choice Awards. There’s a high school principal who’s going viral right now for PLAGIARIZING his graduation speech.

Ken DeMoss is the principal at Parkersburg High School in West Virginia.  And when he spoke at graduation last week, he plagiarized his speech from . . . Ashton Kutcher.

Back in 2013, Ashton Kutcher gave a surprisingly inspirational speech at the Teen Choice Awards.  And this guy ripped it off.

He structured his speech like Ashton . . . used a lot of the same phrases, clichés, and examples about the importance of respecting hard work and being smart . . . and even ended with the same Steve Jobs quote and by saying “I love you guys.”

Well . . . one of the students at the school realized her principal had just ripped off Ashton Kutcher.  So she edited together a YouTube video of the two speeches.

Once it started going viral, the principal offered a statement that was kind of a word salad.  In between comments about how he’s a, quote, “man of faith,” with three master’s degrees, he admits he HAS seen Ashton’s speech and borrowed quite a bit from it.

He also says, quote, “It was never my intent to take credit for what I said” . . . and noted he didn’t get paid extra to give the speech.


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