8-Year-Old Kid Just Beat a Chess Grandmaster:  Youngest Person To Ever Accomplish This!

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1.  A kid from Singapore just became the youngest person to beat a chess grandmaster.  He’s only eight-and-a-half.  The previous record was just set last month when another eight-year-old became the first person under nine to do it.


2.  A 30-pound rabbit that was rescued from a meat market in 2020 is now working as a therapy animal.  His name is Alex, and his owners live in San Francisco.  He rides around in a Power Wheel, and he’s already done over 200 events at places like children’s hospitals.


3.  A cop in Florida saved a baby’s life this month after a motorcycle going 100 miles an hour crashed into the mom’s car.  The guy on the bike died on impact and almost took six-month-old Lola with him.

She didn’t have a pulse when help arrived.  But a cop named Dave Musgrove was the first on scene, did CPR, and brought her back.  He’s a parent too and got pretty choked up talking about it in a press conference the other day.

Lola’s still in the hospital, but hopefully on her way to a full recovery.  The girl’s mom called Dave “an angel” and said he’s part of their family now.