6-Foot Tall Grocery Store Robot Escapes The Store And Makes A Run For Freedom!

Four years ago, the grocery store chain Giant started adding robot helpers at all of its locations, which are mostly in eastern Pennsylvania.

The robots are all named “Marty,” and they’re six-foot-four.  They have big googly eyes, and wheel around scanning inventory and looking for spills.  (Here’s a pic.)

The googly eyes kind of make them look like they’re enjoying it.  But maybe not.  Because this week, a Marty at a store near Allentown, Pennsylvania made a RUN FOR IT.

Someone posted a video after he escaped through the front doors, and started making his way through the parking lot.

Luckily, he doesn’t move very fast, so an employee was easily able to catch up and get him back inside.  Whoever posted the clip joked that he, quote, “almost made it to freedom before he was wrangled back to his grocery prison.”


(Here’s the video.)