Peggy La Point

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Peggy La Point

Sat: 6 a.m. – 10 a.m.; Sun 4 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Green Tips

She’s back.

Two words she never thought she’d say when she left radio almost 10 years ago.

She first started at KINK shortly after moving to Portland from Wisconsin. Having grown up 2,000 miles away, she had no idea how lucky she was to land at the station in town. She worked weekend overnights and filled-in, and learned a LOT about radio.  After a few years, she left to work at other stations both on the air and as a producer.

In 1999, another weekend opportunity opened up here and she started hosting ‘Sunday Acoustic Sunrise’. Soon after, the morning show was in need of a producer, and believe it or not, she hesitated a bit before applying for the position. But she’s glad she did. Producing the morning show and working with Les Sarnoff (and Sheila) was a great gig. Yes, the hours were early, the workload full but she loved every minute of it. It was the kind of job where you wake up every morning and there’s a song in your head, and you can’t wait to get to work. All good things end however, and she made the decision to leave in late 2004.

After leaving KINK, she worked six years for TriMet and last year, she began working part-time at Metro as a Waste Reduction Specialist. She also started her own business in 2013, turning her sewing hobby into a small business (psoup handmade). She makes totes, bags and accessories from new and reclaimed materials (think banners, wind surfing sails, upholstery fabric scraps, etc).

And now she’s back, working weekends again … and it feels pretty good.

Her life is full and she happily shares it with her husband, two boys and their dog. They can be found at various baseball diamonds, many bike races, heated chess matches and in the garden. Unless, that is, they’re camping or on their bikes exploring the Pacific Northwest.