We’ve been wet but that doesn’t mean we’re immune to wildfires. Here’s how to prepare

As we sit here in mid-June, after having already passed our average rainfall for the month, it’s hard to imagine we’re at risk for wildfires this year. But many parts of the state are in moderate to severe drought conditions. And even if we don’t need this information this year, it’s good to have it handy. There are ways stay  up-to-date and safe during wildfire season. First, it’s good to know where wildfires are active in the state and, if one’s close, to understand evacuation levels. Wildfires don’t need to be close to your home to impact air quality. A lesson we’ve learned over the last few years. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has an online map and mobile app called OregonAir that displays the air quality index. 

Here’s a link to information on how to prepare for wildfires