Walmart to eliminate all grocery bags next month

If you need another reason to remember to take your reusable grocery totes into the store, Walmart announced they’ll stop giving shoppers paper and plastic bags in Oregon and Washington starting April 18th.  The company is making the move to reduce waste, but it makes financial sense as well. The PNW isn’t the first place to see this happening, they’ve already eliminated bags in Vermont, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Colorado  and Connecticut (which will reduce 1.2 billion plastic and paper bags every year), along with Canada and Mexico. The stores will continue to have single-use bags in areas that prevent food contamination.  Most households have grocery bags already sitting in their homes, so this decision is a long time coming and hopefully all grocery stores will follow.

Read about the move here

Don’t have any grocery bags at your house, here are instructions on how to make one out of a t-shirt.