Two Beaverton Teens Save Baby In Overturned Vehicle! (And More Good News)
  1. A crash in Beaverton led to the rescue of a baby in an overturned car. The rescuer, just 16 years old, got the baby out unharmed, just minutes after the crash.  CLICK HERE to read more!
  2.  The Houston Zoo announced this week that a 90-year-old tortoise named Mr. Pickles became a father for the first time.  His species is critically endangered, so they joked that it’s a really “big DILL.”  His wife Mrs. Pickles is 53, so it’s a real May-December romance.  They  welcomed three hatchlings named Dill, Gherkin, and Jalapeño.  (Here’s a photo.)
  3.   A Southwest flight out of Vegas had to turn back on Wednesday after the captain had a medical emergency.  But luckily, a pilot from another airline happened to be on board and filled in.  The co-pilot was also fine to help.
  4. A guy on a motorcycle was in a fiery crash in Pennsylvania on Tuesday.  But a woman delivering pizzas saw it happen, pulled him away from the burning bike, and probably saved his life.
  5. A couple in England just got married 60 years after they intended to.  79-year-old Len Allbrighton and 78-year-old Jeanette Steer met in 1963, but their parents wouldn’t let them be together.  They both ended up marrying other people, but he got divorced a while back, and her first husband passed away.  So Len tracked her down, they fell in love again, and tied the knot last month.  (Here’s a photo.)-Mitch-