Tuesday’s Good News!

1.  A golfer in Australia got a hole-in-one the other day, which wouldn’t normally be news . . . except he’s 99 YEARS OLD.  His name is Hugh Brown, and he’ll turn 100 in a few months.  He says he’s had a hole-in-one before, but it happened in 1961.


2.  A hiker in Canada fell into a river, right below a waterfall last week, and couldn’t get out.  But five other hikers spotted him and saved his life.  They tied some clothes together, and one guy used his turban.  They ended up with a makeshift rope that was 30 feet long, and used it to pull the guy up.


3.  A man in Israel recently discovered a 900-year-old sword in the ocean, and donated it to a museum instead of keeping it.  Experts say it probably belonged to a knight during the Crusades.


4.  There’s a group called Freedom Paws that pairs service dogs with veterans who have PTSD.  And one of their dogs recently saved a guy’s life.  A veteran in Illinois named Robbie Stouffer had a heart attack, but didn’t realize it.  His chest was hurting, but he didn’t think it was that serious.

His service dog Carolyn KNEW something was wrong though and started acting weird.  He says she kept trying to sit on him, so he decided to call 911.  He was unconscious when paramedics got there, but doctors inserted a stent and he’s doing much better now.  Carolyn got to visit him at the hospital, and he’s back home.