Today’s Good News:  Leap Day Edition!

Today’s Good News is brought to you by The Shane Company “Fine Jewelry Since 1929”


1.  Happy 25th to Mary Forsythe of Oklahoma, who actually turns 100 today!  She’s one of the oldest Leap Day babies in the world, born February 29th, 1924.


2.  Meanwhile, dozens of “leapers” are celebrating together on a cruise in the Bahamas right now.  They also did it in 2020.  Around 70 people signed up for it this time.  Some had never met another Leap Day baby before.


3.  An Ohio woman’s dog went missing five years ago, but she just got him back at an adoption event this month.  She never stopped looking, and spotted him after he ended up at a shelter.  They posted photos on Facebook two weeks ago, and she knew it was her dog.  (Here’s a reunion photo.)


4.  A woman near Seattle finally checked an old lottery ticket after her husband nagged her about it . . . and it hit for $135,000.  It was just sitting in their house collecting dust for five months.