Today’s Good News!


Be sure to click on the words and phrases that are bold and underlined to see pictures and videos from each story!


1.  A man named Sean McArdle recently went for a swim in the pool at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, and made a crazy discovery:  His doppelgänger.  They even had similar facial hair . . . as well as similar hats and glasses.


(Here’s a photo.  As crazy as this is, one person on the thread joked, “There are three of you guys at every brewery.”)


2.  A man has been reunited with a ring he lost while picking fruit over 50 years ago.  His mother gave it to him for his 21st birthday, but it slipped off his finger as he picked strawberries in 1968.  Someone found it using a metal detector, and the guy said, “The joy I felt in that moment is indescribable.”  (Here’s video.)


3.  A man in the U.K. organized a replay of a school soccer match after 50 YEARS, because he felt guilty about CHEATING to help his team win.  He spent 18 months getting everyone back together . . . and in the replay, his team lost.  The guy said he could finally put “his demons to bed.”


4.  An Ohio-based restaurant chain is hiring people that have been passed over by others, because of incarceration, drug addiction, or homelessness.