This May Be The Greatest Landlord Ever! (And More Good News)


1.  Have you heard about the new Ford Explorer “Men’s Only Edition“?  It’s not a real thing, but they posted an ad for it yesterday for International Women’s Day.  It’s narrated by Bryan Cranston, and you can check it out on YouTube.

It’s a fake version of their SUV with none of the features WOMEN invented.  So, no heater . . . no turn signals . . . no brake lights . . . no rearview mirror . . . no windshield wipers . . . and no GPS.  (Here’s the video.)


2.  A cop in Florida named Marshall Smith received a commendation for saving a kitten that got stuck in the wheel well of a car.  It’s since been adopted, and the owners decided to name it Marshall, in his honor.


3.  A photo of a 98-year-old woman in Kentucky has been making the rounds after she met her first great-great-GREAT grandkid last month.  She already had over 230 great-GREAT grandchildren.  (Here’s the photo.)


4.  A landlord in Upstate New York recently sold an apartment building, and got $50,000 less than he could have . . . because he insisted the next owner take care of a 93-year-old resident who was a Holocaust survivor.

Her name is Alice Schuman.  She’d lived there for 60 years, and was only paying $200 a month when everyone else paid $2,000.

The guy who bought the place agreed to keep her rent the same.  And the old landlord had been taking her to the store and bank once a month, plus doctor appointments.  So the new landlord took that over too.

A few months later, she had a medical issue.  He had to kick down her door to get her to a hospital.  At that point, doctors said she couldn’t be on her own anymore.

But instead of leaving things up to the state, he got a lawyer . . . became her legal guardian . . . and got her into a nice nursing home.  Then he visited her almost every day for the rest of her life.

Sadly, she passed away back in January.  But he was right there with her, holding her hand.  (Here’s a photo of them.)