Thank you Trader Joes!

Raw Chicken Breasts in Tray -Photographed on Hasselblad H3D-39mb Camera

There are a couple of grocery stores that I like and would shop in more, if it wasn’t for the packaging. Trader Joe’s is one of those stores. I stop at TJ’s occasionally but buy less than I need because everything from produce to meat, desserts to frozen foods are over-packaged. So I’m happy to see on their website that they’re addressing some of the issues. Stocking a national grocery chain comes with obstacles and packaging is certainly one of them. But there are ways to offer customers high-quality products without it being encased in plastic. Some of the changes they’ve made include eliminating Styrofoam from the produce section and they’re no longer offering single-use plastic carryout bags. They’re also going to  reduce the number of items in their produce section sold in plastic and replacing Styrofoam in the meat section. I think this is a good start and I hope they continue to look at ways to reduce packaging.

Thank you Trader Joes!



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