Small steps add up when switching to a low-waste lifestyle

Adopting a low-waste lifestyle can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be that way. Making small, incremental changes is beneficial and you’re more likely to maintain habits this way. I shop secondhand for a lot of items, from Pyrex dishes to clothing. Shopping this way takes some adjustment because you might not necessarily check off everything on your list in one trip. When I shop, I carry not only reusable grocery bags (at every store, not just grocery stores) but I have drawstring bags on hand for produce too. I avoid plastic packaging as much as possible too. Simplify cleaning by making your own cleaners, vinegar and baking soda are cheap, and will clean almost anything. Plus you’ll cut down on chemicals in your home. Getting takeout took off during the pandemic and it helped keep our favorite restaurants in business. But when I order takeout, I’m not just thinking about what I want to eat, but what kind of packaging my food will come in. It’s also worth asking your favorite place if they’ll consider putting the food in your dish (Pyrex FTW).

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