Rumor Has It, No New Adele Music This Year

Adele may have hinted that we won’t be hearing new music from her this year after all.

It happened this past weekend during what was billed as an Instagram Live “battle” between two of the top R&B producers of the 1990s, Babyface and Teddy Riley. Adele tuned in, but the contest, in which the two try to one-up each other by spinning more — and presumably better — hits, was beset by technical problems and never quite got off the ground.

At one point, Adele commented, “Come on, it’s 2020 — we ain’t meant to get what we want.” Although it was outwardly a expression of her disappointment that the battle wasn’t happening, some have interpreted it as a broader statement about her own plans falling by the wayside.

Only time will tell.