Romantic Proposal Surprise: Kiwi Man’s Heartwarming Airport Speaker Proposal Delights Onlookers

1.  A morning radio show in Montana brought in over $77,000 for a fundraiser to support literacy.  It’s called Books for Kids, and it’s the third year they’ve done it.  More than 4,300 kids at 14 different schools will get one free book a month for the entire school year.


2.  A guy in New Zealand proposed to his girlfriend over the loud speaker at the Auckland Airport, and there’s a great video of it.  Airport officials were in on the whole thing.  She flew in from Australia to see him, and he hopped on the mic as she was walking through the terminal.  (Here’s the video.  It starts at :46.)


akl_airport_proposal_final_subs from Auckland Airport on Vimeo.


3.  The CEO of a brain cancer charity in Australia is gearing up for a big trip.  He’s raising money for research by hiking 70 miles across the South Pole in Antarctica.

The altitude there is 9,300 feet, and it can get down to 20 below zero.  He’s planning to start his hike on December 15th, and finish up on January 4th.  So he’ll be at the South Pole for Christmas.

4. A retired high school teacher in Wisconsin has become famous for the daily naps he takes with cats at his local animal shelter!  The shelter began posting pics of Terry napping with cats on their social media pages and Terry became hugely popular!  They even did a fundraiser surrounding Terry and raised over $100,000!  CLICK HERE to see pics and read more about “Cat Grandpa Terry”!