Read this before you recycle all of those cardboard boxes

There’s a good chance that you’re receiving your share of boxes right now and your recycling bin is getting pretty full. If you’ve got outdoor garden space, you can put some of them to good use. I just added some new space in my yard for another garden bed and flatten some boxes at the bottom to help keep weeds at bay. You can do this in your flower garden too, just lay the cardboard boxes down and put mulch over it. Cardboard is great for mulching since it’s slow to break down and it’s a good weed barrier. In the spring, if you plant warmer weather crops early, you can use boxes as a garden cloche to protect them on chilly nights. Line them with plastic and they’re good for container gardening and starting seeds inside. And one more idea for next growing season, use them to grow potatoes. As you hill more soil, you can slip a box over to create a growing tower. 

Garden uses for cardboard  

Non-garden reuses for cardboard boxes