Monday’s Good News!

1.  Because of the school bus driver shortage, a 12-year-old in Colorado named Josh Smith didn’t know if he’d have a seat or not.  So he convinced his parents to let him kayak to school.  They live next to a big reservoir, and his school is on the other side.

He says he got there a little late the first day, but his friends thought it was cool when they heard why.  Now he wants to SKI across the lake this winter when it’s frozen over.  He’s also trying to make Eagle Scout, and plans to enroll in the Air Force Academy.


2.  In dog news:  A seven-year-old German shepherd in Florida opened three gate latches and ran to get help when its owner had a stroke.


3.  A woman from Ohio was snorkeling in the Cayman Islands, and says a squid led her to a wedding ring that fell off someone’s hand.  She was able to track the guy down.  It turned out he lost it while scuba diving three weeks earlier.


4.  A woman named Betty Soskin is in the news because she’s the oldest National Park Service ranger in the country.  She works at the Rosie the Riveter National Historical Park near San Francisco . . . and just celebrated her 100th birthday last Wednesday.  She also just had a middle school in the Bay Area named after her.