Source: YouTube

1.  A woman lost her digital camera 13 years ago when she dropped it while tubing down a river in Colorado.  But a fisherman just found it . . . checked the memory card . . . and the photos are still on there.  He tracked her down online, and he’s sending it to her this week.


2.  Someone’s 150-pound pet pig in Illinois is a hit online after learning how to skateboard.  His name is Norbert.  His owners say it took him about a week to get the hang of it.



3.  Brands including Puma and Under Armour are stepping up to help a 14-year-old football player in Michigan find shoes that fit.  He’s already 6-foot-10, and was in the news after his mom said she couldn’t find cleats to fit his SIZE 23 feet.  He’s getting fitted in the next week or two, and should have new shoes later this spring.


4.  A guy who went to Dickinson College in Pennsylvania just donated $2 million to cover four years of tuition for five students from Ukraine.  He’s also covering room-and-board, and all their expenses to get here.  The school posted a great video where all five kids find out about the scholarships in a Zoom call.  It’s obviously life-changing news.  (Here’s the video.)