Mayor of A Small Town Sees SUV Stalled On Train Tracks and Saves The Driver And Her Three Kids! (And More Good News…)

1.  A rodeo bull jumped into the stands at an event in Redding, California back in May and injured six people.  One of them was a 25-year-old named Paige King, who got trampled.  But it ended up being a GOOD thing.

Emergency room doctors did a C.T. scan to make sure she didn’t have any serious internal injuries . . . and ended up finding THYROID CANCER.  Luckily, they caught it early, and she’s undergoing treatment.


2.  Here’s how you win your next reelection:  A small-town mayor in Georgia named Eddie Daniels saw an SUV stalled on a set of train tracks on Saturday, and ended up saving the driver and all three of her kids.

He got the mom out, and then saw three kids in the back seat . . . aged one, three, and six.  He got the last kid out just as a train hit.  Eddie ended up with a broken ankle and eight stitches in his head, but everyone else is okay.


3.  Eight skydivers in Florida broke a world record by doing a synchronized jump where they all held hands in a circle.  Eight wouldn’t normally be a lot, but all of them are over the age of 80.  The previous record for their age group was six.