Kansas City Breaks Records: 60 People Play Baseball Non-Stop for 100 Hours, Raising $32,000 for Charity

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1.  A group of 60 people in Kansas City, Missouri broke a world record by playing baseball for 100 hours.  That’s just over four days straight.  They raised more than $32,000 for several charities.  (The MLB playoffs start tomorrow, by the way.)


2.  Speaking of world records:  A very fit 45-year-old dad in Colorado broke the record for most pull-ups in one hour.  He did 1,010 of them.  The old record of 993 stood for over a decade.


3.  This cat was REALLY making a run for it:  A two-year-old cat named Ted went missing in southwest England back in August.  And he just turned up more than a month later, after sneaking into an airport.

Workers heard him meowing and found him in the ceiling of a kitchen area.  He’s now back home with his owners.